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Cache Miss Attack

June 14, 2022
2 mins
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Rajesh krishnakumar

The cache is an engineer’s best friend. But if we don’t handle it properly, it can turn out to be enemy.

By Rajesh krishnakumar— “Go above and beyond!”

Why Cache is Important?

In today’s era, we all know what the advantage of caching systems are. Like how the cache is helping us speed up a process or request. But it has some downside too… Let’s discuss that today.

What is a Cache miss attack?

When the attacker purposely tries to cache miss, the attacker can overload your application and database.

The attacker can overload the cache miss. So, there will be a stress on the DB and eventually there is a chance of the application going down.

The below diagram just shows how a cache attack can take place

When a webpage is served from a cache

When a webpage is served from an application

So what happened in the above example, Let deep dive in.

When I hit it served from the cache it took 60ms with response header x-cache: HIT

When I hit the same site with it served from the application layer which took 3 sec with response header x-cache: MISS

This means the second request went to the application level and the database read.

If I give load like below mentioned. The application will be receiving an overwhelming request and eventually, the application will go down

So what is the solution?

We can strip all the parameters from the URL or keep the allowed parameter so we avoid cache miss-hit

For example:

This URL to or if this request came still it will search for in cache because cachemiss1 is not an allowed parameter


Use the cache effectively and reduce the Latency. Happy Caching!

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Rajesh krishnakumar

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