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Implementing a Custom Logger in Strapi v4 with log-rotate

June 29, 2022
3 mins
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Shuruthi V

Use log-rotate to implement a custom logger in Strapi version 4

By Shuruthi V, Rajesh krishnakumar and Krishna B.

In STRAPI, logger middleware is used to log requests.

To define a custom configuration for the logger middleware, create a dedicated configuration file (./config/logger.js). It should export an object that must be a complete or partial winston js (opens new window)logger configuration. The object will be merged with Strapi’s default logger configuration on server start.

  • Strapi logger exports createLogger, winston and formats in node_modules/@strapi/logger/lib/index.js.
  • Install @strapi/logger
  • Adding logger in config/middlewares.js at proper sequence
  • We are exporting winston from strapi logger. We are using winston-daily-rotate-file for rotating log files.


APP_NAME = “strapi-v4”
NODE_ENV = “development”
LOGPATH = “/logger/strapi-v4”
LOG_FILE_NAME = `${LOGPATH}/${APP_NAME}-%DATE%-{{suffix}}.log`
onst { mkdirSync, existsSync } = require(“fs”);
const safeStringify = require(“fast-safe-stringify”);
const { winston } = require(‘@strapi/logger’);
const moment = require(“moment”);
const { printf, combine, timestamp, label } = winston.format;
// Our Custom Format of Logging
const logCustomFormat = printf(
({ level, message, label, timestamp, stack, …info }) => {
return safeStringify({
info: info,
if (NODE_ENV === “development”) {
module.exports = {
transports: [
new winston.transports.Console({
format: combine(label({ label: APP_NAME }), timestamp(), logCustomFormat),
module.exports = {
format: winston.format.combine(label({ label: APP_NAME }), timestamp(), logCustomFormat),
transports: [
new winston.transports.DailyRotateFile({
filename: LOG_FILE_NAME.replace(“{{suffix}}”, process.env.CONTAINER_ID),
datePattern: “YYYY-MM-DD”,
prepend: true,
handleExceptions: true
  • Initialise and export the important variable needed to create logger format.
  • Logger path (/docker-logs/strapiv4) directory is created to set all log files into it.
  • Here we have used “Winston” directly imported from @strapi/logger package.
  • Winston supports transport to write logs both on console and file too.
  • Logger file name is customised with containerId.
  • In addition to all we too take care of log rotation by using winston-daily-rotate-file.
  • And export the required.
  • Call the logger inside middleware.js inside strapi repo.
  • Make sure level should be out of transport while exporting.

Middleware.js (proper sequence):

The proper sequence for middleware.js

How to use Custom Logs in Strapi v4:

In strapiV4 we don’t have direct contact package access for error, debug, info, silly etc inside level. These are compacted inside a function constructor in strapi class .

So in order to access a property of level we ought to create an object for methods inside strapi class.

And load the object with Strapi() server.

Example 1:

Const Strapi = new strapi.Strapi();“HelloWorld”);

Example 2:

Const Strapi = new strapi.Strapi();
Strapi.log.error(“error from method”,error)
Strapi.log.error(“Uncaiught Exception”,err);

Plays a important role in custom logging of loggers through error.



Meet the team!

Shuruthi V
Rajesh krishnakumar
Krishna B

Mridula Saravanan

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